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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Arrest, Police Scanner Transcript

12:50 am (Boston Accent) Shots fired, what?

(Female Voice) Alright, Louder

(Boston Accent) Shots fired, shots fired!

137 N71 Mercedes 2013 Black ML 350W

Dexter and Laurel Streets, have explosives, grenades in between the houses down here

Gonna try to block 'em in alley, paid cash at Shell

Only one firearm, driver had firearm

(Boston Accent) Tommy, where's the 'cah' parked? 

Gold cars, send me the gold cars

We have the gold cars en route to Watertown

That's Dexter and

We're in route

I'm not seein' gold cars

Armor on the way

12:51 am To Adams in Watertown, but I think they have a state, I think they have a stolen truck from the State Police

Are you by the Home Depot?

Give me a landmark, give me a landmark

SUV, a State Police SUV

This is 536, I'm with the 554, I'm with the 556 rather, the 556

Just droppin' off Sargeant Riley at the Command Post

Unit 3

12:52 am All units responding, pursuit on School Street headin' towards Mt. Auburn

Pursuit on School Street towards Mt. Auburn

In route


I'm going up Broadway Windsor

Under control 

Broadway and Windsor

(Out of breath Officer) Be advised, shots being fired, stolen, in a stolen SUV from the State Police

Copy, stolen SUV from the state police

12:53 am (Female Voice) We need an ambulance on Adams Street

One of the guys' fathers

Are you responding there 54?

111 to control

(Female Voice) Go ahead, Sir

I'm in the area of Laurel Street, we have a suspect in the area here, um, several units out here now. The suspect is in the area. Several units here, we're at the corner of Hazel and Dexter

(Female Voice) Copy that 

I need long guns

111, 111 control,  We have reports that they have explosives here at the scene, explosives here at the scene


Suspect is in the area of Laurel Street

We're at the Corner of Hazel and Dexter

I need long guns

(Background Voice) Stop!

12:54 am 111, There's supposed to be an officer down at Hazel and Dexter

Who's closest

94 Spruce Street, I need back up, 94 Spruce Street with long guns

In route with long guns

94 Spruce Street with long guns

94 Spruce, Long guns

C6 to 65, 8

Go ahead

Sir, it comes back a 2010 Dodge Calibur, 4 door, color black


2010 Dodge Calibur, color black

Windsor and Broadway to the lock homes

(Female Voice) Unit 421, I have it


(Female Voice) Have it

553, 55 minutes

Button, right above H2

12:55 am Do we, they, both SV's or do we have an SV out here on the point?

(Boston Accent) Sargeant, stand by, they're settin' up a 'pah-rimeter'



Patch it up with probably Watertown, Patch it up with Watertown for now, uh, there's report of a second officer down, there's definitely hand grenades and automatic gunfire

All right, we're gonna patch up

Comin' down Beacon and there should be many ambulances and state police going over that way towards Cambridge and Watertown right now

(Female Voice) Gold, go ahead

(Foreign Accent-not sure what type) Gold 411, ah, I'll be taggin' along with the gold 12

(Female Voice) With the 12, okay

Corner of Spruce and Lincoln

Spruce and Lincoln

You gotta turn right, turn right, after you go past the mall, First right at the light, it's down the side street on the right

We're gettin' Cedar and Columbus, is that gonna be the same also?

12:57 am (Female Voice) C12, Want me to take P1 off the call? 

Say again

(Female Voice) P1 off the call?

I'm gonna take the P1 crew with me in my vehicle

(Female Voice) Roger that, can you give me the location of their truck again?

On Cambridge Street and Soldiers Field Road

(Female Voice) Okay, division Two Boston?

Division Two

(Female Voice) Cambridge Street and Soldiers Field Road, can you slide that way to secure the truck?

Cambridge Soldiers Field, on my way

(Female Voice) Thank you

C2, C2, uh, We're on [something] Road, we're closer

(Female Voice) All units monitor your traffic, P2 note, stand down your citywide service. A2, I have a response for you, A2

12:58 am 14, We're being ordered back by, uh, the police here

(Female Voice) 14, Maintain a safe distance, 84, you copy?

14, We're being advised that the Watertown ambulance has transported the injured police officer and they may have a suspect who may be injured, may be explosive devices on scene and we're being ordered back

(Female Voice) All units, all units, retreat, retreat

The location of the incident is Dexter and Laurel, we're being ordered back

(Female Voice) Okay, Minimize Radio Traffic, Let's go to a safe location, Advise me when you are at a safe perimeter, please, safe perimeter

12:59 am (Background Voice) Say it's a white male with blonde hair in pajamas"

Okay, it's a White male with blonde hair with pajamas

1373, I'm out on foot, I'm makin' my way to Spruce, I think I'm close, I'm goin' there on foot

(Female Voice) They just cancelled that

Disregard those shots fired, Ma'm?

Headin' into Watertown

(Female Voice) 104, Yes, Disregard, disregard

Yes, 104, disregard, that was put in, in error

33 to 54

Go ahead

They're getting word that one of those suspects is on foot, Appleton and Laurel in the area of Appleton

Get them long guns up here

Ray, Where are you?

11 one, 1181, Spruce and Lincoln

1391 case, CP can we um, just see if there's any plains clothes officers inside the perimeter, if they can just maintain the perimeter, so they are not wandering through the backyards

All plains clothes officers on scene, all plains clothes officers on scene, return to the roads and maintain perimeter, do not go through the backyards, Plain clothes officers to the road, maintain perimeter

1:00 am 449, the PD has this Mercedes, black Mercedes at Lincoln at Spruce, unknown if there's anyone inside

1370 to CP, I'm on foot in the backyard between Dexter and Laurel

We could, uh, use troopers at Lincoln Street, I don't know if we got that covered yet, I would partner up, I wouldn't go out there by yourself

59 those cruisers, duty office, Lieutenant from Watertown requesting we set up a perimeter

Perimeter, Arsenal Street down to Arlington and then Mt. Auburn, box us in 

1:02 am Bomb Squad to CP, I'm off at 547 Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown for that package in the road way

It's being received

We're at number 98 Spruce, we need to expand the perimeter in four directions from 98 Spruce

All police officers comin' in, a three block radius from 98 Spruce, Start working on that with interagencies, ok? *This can be heard on the Bigheadphone YouTube video of Tamerlan being arrested http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=RD9mIYaXZBU

We have plenty of help up here, everything from 98 Spruce, at least 2 blocks deep for now and then expand it

1391 kilo to any d.o.d. still monitoring

1:03 am Bomb squad requesting Mt. Auburn Street, Arsenal Street, and School Street, Mt. Auburn Street, Arsenal Street, School Street, two blocks away is also Walnut Street that runs from School to Mt. Auburn

We have plenty of officers here, two blocks then four blocks

Might be a dumb question for ya, but will any of our cell phones inadvertently set off these bombs, will they set them off from a distance or is it alright to have them with us?

it is possible, yes

CP, could you possibly make an announcement to leave them in their cruiser or something

Power 'em down from a safe distance

CP to all units in the area, power down all cell phones

Can you advise where they want [bomb?] squad?

To all units in the area, POD to all officers in multiple locations, can someone please just get on the radio and tell 'em where we have devices so we can deploy our assets, please

Major Brown, we have a robot at Upland Street

We have a robot from the city at Upland Street, okay

So, we're all set here, We have one custody at gunpoint

Someone else please let them know where the second device is

I believe it's near where the officer is down

Doble to Eric [shouting in background]

They're at Spruce and Laurel

Trooper Hagen, we have a package on the ground at Mt. Auburn

Okay, standby

All units will stay away from the suspect till the robot goes in

Cruiser 16, we need a description on the party at large, if anyone has a description, please give it up

Ascertain that from Watertown

Is the black pick up still outstanding?

Responding to the 144 Dexter Ave and Laurel Street

144 Dexter Ave

Lincoln South Watertown

54 go

Bravo 111, we're headin' to the hospital, we got one of the suspects headin' to Beth Israel

We left the door open for ya

[Loud Siren Noise]

Rescue 1 answering, Power down the cell phones, Yeah stand by with the 111 code as well

I got the ambulance in Watertown, followin' it into BI

653, headin' to the BI

[Loud sirens, talking about perimeter on a megaphone]

Can you confirm that they have the suspect vehicle in the area, yes or no?

982, do you know what they have up there so far?

The vehicle, do we still have it in the area of spruce?

111, We got Brookline here with long guns

Brookline on scene, FBI, as well

214 Bay State Road between the front door

[Background Voice: Auburn and University]

You cut off, can you say the address again?

214 Bay State, um, it should be in between the front door

It's off on Spruce, to the vehicle

Confirm with me here, I have several departments here, we're tryin' to find out, are we going through the yards or do they have both of them?

The last update we have, 2 ST's, 1 in custody, 1 down on the ground at gunpoint, not in custody yet, the locations we have

We're at Mt. Auburn at Dexter, Mt. Auburn at Upland is the scene

And then Dexter and Laurel, might also be described as Dexter and Spruce since Laurel and Spruce are the same street, just intersected

All right, call Watertown and get a confirmation of how many we have down, please

Be advised, Watertown is not answering their phones right now

Where you wanted that other bearcat?

Bravo 455

We're asking everyone to switch over to Channel One

109, 6333k, I don't know if you have it yet, I'm getting word of an officer missing, unaccounted officer on Spruce Street

BUPD, missing on Spruce Street

We got him, we got him, he's with us

Watertown, is asking for a unit to go to 11 Appleton Street for assistance, 11 Appleton Street, We're trying to ascertain Brighton, hang tight

Okay, free'd up to take that call
2262 Dorchester Ave, right by the elderly houses

details, male probably pulled a knife on her and choked her and held her down, probably to sexually assault her

917, 917, unit down there, car lot so we know who's down there, everybody be free to take calls just in case the suspect's comin' our direction

Harry 662 and Harry 669, 691 we'll take that, say it again?

2262 Dorchester Ave, man's name is Thomas, choked her, he pulled a kitchen knife

Can we take a roll call so we know who's here to take calls on the district

102? You available?

Attention: this is Sargeant Asera, the 283 car will now become the 287 car, start up is the same

I can't reach you

Area will be Weston Ave, Soldiers Field Road

And what units do I have responding down there?

1013, call another service unit down here at the hospital

Going back into the cars, I know 290 has 'em

114, 111, 18 N3 V0

All right I'll meet you at 287

Leavin' now from entrance

That vehicle's bein' taken out at some point

So far he's complying

No free time here, all's I got is Carson across from spa, Dexter's Bar

(New Female Voice) Ted has moved from Mt. Auburn and Bigelow Streets, you know

All right, I'm gonna keep quiet for 20 minutes, everybody be happy

You handlin'? I should have 12-15 officers with me

Emergency, have three officers there

Emergency the student center to Columbus Ave

200 Lake Street in Brighton, Apartment 448 on the fourth for the EDP

The downed officer headed to Beth Israel?

Auburn, Auburn Hospital. The other officer, Beth Israel

3136 code 30 status

I'm all set, First down officer at Beth Israel

2701, Yes, sir, Beth Israel

Call my cell, 508-838-80**

Detective McNeill was sayin' we did have two in custody, but state police are also saying that they might have a suspect

The person we have here at Mt. Auburn is not considered a suspect yet, we're still searchin' on that

Don't go on second in custody yet, this is still an investigation

Okay, that's what the state police thought

I believe they got another guy down

Channel 1

Bravo 201

Anyone who's on 12, you want to switch up to one, We're operating off one now

0912 the eod come in

We have a second suspect in custody, we need an i.d. that it's him, okay we're not sure it's him yet

We're gonna try to i.d. 'em

I'm getting no answer, I've called multiple times

[Megaphone speaking]

982, They're confirming the SUV is at Walnut and someone wanna run 2-0 Sam Victor, SV20, see who it comes back to?

I need investigators at the different agencies to meet me here

Charlie R, Ricky, um, Ricky