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Friday, January 17, 2014

Six Degrees of Sean Gannon

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a Golden Gloves Champion and Sean Gannon was a Golden Gloves Champion trained and fighting out of the same Boston gym, Wai Kru. Gannon is a Boston Police Officer assigned to BRIC (Boston Regional Intelligence Center) which works with Homeland Security, Narco and Gang Intel. BRIC were first on the scene following Sean Collier's shooting. The FBI were also there but they have said it was an unrelated matter. Gannon's stint in the Mixed Martial Arts and Street Fighting scene saw him on the front page of newspapers and reprimanded and put on unpaid leave by his bosses at the Boston Police Department. Gannon became notorious for a fight against Kimbo Slice in Florida. 

Tsarnaev, Gannon and a talented MMA fighter named Ibrahim Todashev all trained at Wai Kru together. Todashev would be later shot 7 times, including once in the back of the head, in his Florida apartment by the FBI. Wai Kru's co-owner, Steve Dunn, also an aspiring MMA fighter like Gannon, was arrested in January 2013 for running a drug trafficking ring that supplied Oxycodone throughout three states; Massachusetts, Florida and New York. Dunn laundered the drug money through Wai Kru and opened another location of the gym where Sean Collier and Daniel Morley are believed to have attended. 

Also working at Wai Kru was Brendan Mess, Tsarnaev's friend from Cambridge Rindge and Latin and a known drug dealer. Eric Weissman, a known drug dealer as well as a former student at Rindge worked at Wai Kru as well as Rafael Teken. Teken graduated from Brandeis, known as a Jewish college, and where the younger Tsarnaev wanted to attend college according to Janet Reitman's Rolling Stone piece. Weissman, Mess and Teken were all killed on September 11, 2011 in what investigators called a drug hit.

The Tsarnaev brothers were at Wai Kru three days prior to the marathon and the video shows them wearing the exact same outfits down to the t-shirt and hoodies that the Marathon video has them wearing. The EXACT same outfits. What are the chances they would launder the same exact sweats to wear them again within three days? Gannon's bio says he was a Coach at Wai Kru and on the Wai Kru Team along with these other six men. 

Out of all of these men at Wai Kru; Gannon, Tsarnaev, Todashev, Weissman, Mess, Teken and Dunn....Gannon stands alone. Five men are dead and one is in jail on federal drug charges. Knowing Sean Gannon will lead to death 5 out of 6 times.